New Homes / New Hopes EP

by Amateur Historians

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Recorded over the months of June & July with Clark Phillips at Great Northern Productions.


released August 15, 2012

Amateur Historians are Chris Curry + Luke Casey + Gerard McCorry.
All tracks written, arranged, and performed by Amateur Historians.
Trumpet on Track 5 performed by Judith Carville.
All tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered by Clark Phillips at Great Northern Productions.
All artwork by Jacob Tomlinson.



all rights reserved


Amateur Historians Belfast, UK

Three people, zero superpowers.

We are Chris Curry, Luke Casey, and Gerard McCorry and we write stupidly heart on sleeve emo songs shrouded in indie-pop chord progressions.

Amateur Historians started in early 2011 & despite spending most of the year and a half we've been together on different land masses, we've managed to remain a band that exist, yes.
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Track Name: We're So Far From The Sea, But You Look Like You've Drowned
walked through cityscapes like silhouettes in the very dead of night
woke with twisted necks from staring at each other all the time
but you're not naive, you know all good things come to an end.

stop forging the anchor, and cast it off now you're ready
from too many years holding a sinking ship steady
you've woken some demons up, but you'll keep them all in check, you swear you will.
but they'll keep clawing at yr soul 'til they break you
and the longer you hold out, the harder it makes this
it's time to face it head on & say what you should've said so long ago.

keep saving yr graces, i'll keep taking my chances

i'm avoiding yr eyes, we're making poor conversation
for all the calls that you make you can't bear to talk basics
well this is our last call, and i'm afraid to say this is all we ever are.
if you stay solid as a rock, i'll come crashing
break my bows over births and spill my sails across yr shore
leave my body to be gorged on by seagulls. it's all that i'm worth.

keep saving yr graces, i'll keep taking my chances

drifting apart i'm still dreaming you miss me
don't be disheartened you're not who you could be
Track Name: These Cities Are Stealing My Soul
some people never get sick of the city that they live in
but i've spilt my guts too much on these streets to feel forgiving
well, i think it's time to leave
and stop fearing feeling free.

now my life's long distance lovers and faraway friends
at least i'll always have a floor for a bed in the end.
but if you could stay with me
then i might get more sleep

i know i'm never where i want, it seems
no matter where i am it could always be
somewhere where i'd maybe feel more like me
and less like slaughtered meat left to hang for weeks
could be belfast or glasgow, sheffield or leeds.
wrapped in yr arms, or with friends i need to make me feel whole
but in the end i think i'd be better left by the side of the road.

i'm my own worst enemy
but i wouldn't wish this on myself.
well for what it's worth
i wouldn't wish this on anyone else.

this city is a graveyard, terraced houses loom like tombstones
that in the hazy light of evening seem like fangs
if the city wants to eat me, it can go ahead and try
but i hope that it chokes on my bones.
Track Name: Interlude / Arterial Route From Heart To Heart
and so it starts with little sparks
then twisted hearts string us together
barely sleeping, staying warm
all through this winter that we'll weather
on my way to yr house, i sleep through cities that i pass
a thousand cars for fairy lights & all their headlamps guide my path

i know that it hurts sometimes.
well it's hard work, but it's worth every second.
i know that it hurts sometimes
well it's hard [work] (but what did you expect?)

i guess you hate to guess what's next
but why'd you want to see then wait?
now we're sleeping, but we're cold
well it gets easier we're told
on my way back home i curse the carriageways for all this distance
and blame blood red tail lights seething through the night for all that's missing.
Track Name: The Party & The Aftermath
you're slurring words and feeling worse for wear.
but you'll still get yr tongue around his
are you sure you didn't ask for this?
are you sure that you want this anymore?

exhale slow.
then breathe in deep.

you're hanging off his arm, barely holding it together
well you still might get what you came for
just don't mistake him for yr saviour.
are you sure that you can be saved anymore?

well what comes next?
walk out & leave.

since you've been dancing in the dry ice
bright lights leave you burnt out every night
they're all the same, so it seems.
with sweat and sin sliding off yr skin in the streets.
as the morning light rises over hills.

well what we'll get
will never be enough
on nights like this
you can't hold out for trust.

i'm standing outside & i'm still feeling fucking bitter
it's about time that i got better
i know bit by bit i'll get there
though i'm not sure that i care anymore.

have a heart
and hold it close
Track Name: Let's Take Some Positives From This
i'm not saying that this has got no worth,
but let's start facing facts without losing face
and take some positives from this.

well you're not your problems
and you're not what you've got
that's not your fault.